Saturday Morning Brunch

I opened my eyes lazily and thought, this is Saturday! I put my shoes on as Sugar danced with an urgency for a walk. The door opened with a chill in the air that says September is here! Off through the neighborhood we went!

I came back hungry for brunch! My friend Stephanie had brought over some pork chops that her husband acquired while hunting wild boars in Georgia! I  needed a good excuse to harvest some of my rosemary, sage and basil! Say no more. I gathered my pots and pans.

Next thing you know potatoes were cut and frying, seasoned with the fresh rosemary!

Homemade biscuits topped with butter were in the oven!

I chopped the sage, basil and garlic, then drizzled garlic infused olive oil over them all. I smeared the pesto on top of the chops and lightly dusted with flour to make just a subtle crunch!

My husband and I were laughing and talking over brunch and a couple cups of coffee!

A bouquet of tulips graced our table. They had opened just enough to see their true beauty! It’s just the little things that make you smile and remind you to be grateful for the blessings of life.


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  1. The little things make all the difference in the world. God bless you and your family in Jesus name Amen.

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  2. Shelia says:

    I just saw this blog…love them!

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