I love sorbet! I am really not an ice cream lover, but some very fruity raspberry sorbet will send me to another world!  Sorbet is a healthy alternative to ice cream especially for those who are lactose intolerant.

Apparently sorbet has quite a history! There is Jewish legend that Isaac offered Abraham goat’s milk and snow. The snow was such a delicacy in the mideast that large wells were made underground and the snow was brought in from the surrounding mountain tops to be stored through the summer. King Solomon was also know to be a lover of such snow.

The Pharaohs would serve their guests a divided silver plate; one side containing snow, the other side containing fruit juices. This was a favorite dish of Cleopatra and it was said that she shared this with her lover Mark Anthony.

The Chinese made their version of sorbet and introduced it to the Arabs. The Arabs named it “scherbet” meaning “sweet snow” and the Turkish called it “chorbet” meaning “to sip”. The next thing you know the Venetians were making sorbet some attributing that to Marco Polo who brought home several versions of the recipe sfrom his travels.

Speaking of recipes, the recipe to making sorbet is apparently very easy.

2 pounds of fresh fruit-

1 cup sugar + 1 cup water – heated to a simple syrup and then cooled

1 lemon

Puree the fresh fruit and strain, add 1/2 the simple syrup and then add until you have a good consistency, not to thin, not to thick. Add some lemon juice.

Place in an ice cream container or into a metal bowl and freeze. After 3 hours you may whip to add some consistency to it and then freeze again.

Be creative with your combinations and flavors!

Please share some of your favorite flavors.


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