Super Quick Roast Beef

I am so blessed to have three sons! Raising three boys is a task that only the grace of God can do! Raising three teen-age boys challenged me to find quick and easy foods to try to fill their never-ending hunger pains.

This super quick roast beef was one of my boys’ favorite dishes! The roast beef and cheese provided a good source of protein for growing, athletic boys.

1lb of excellent grade roast beef , cut thin from the deli… my favorite is London Broil

2 Tbs Worcestershire Sauce

2-3 Tbs BBQ Sauce

1 Tbs oil

Steak sauce to taste

Fresh cracked black pepper to taste

1/2 lb thin slice provolone cheese

Favorite sandwich buns…. our favorites are onion buns or Hawaiian sub rolls

Heat the oil in a sauce pan. Tear up the roast beef into bite size pieces, season with Worcestershire, BBQ, steak sauce and fresh cracked black pepper, (add more or less to taste). Cook until all pink is gone, add provolone cheese to melt. Add to sandwich buns!

Enjoy!!! Quick, Easy & Delicious

This recipe and many more are found in the Paul Begley Prophecy Recipe Book!

This is available on the Paul Begley Prophecy website:


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