I Love my Fitbit

I got a Fitbit for Mother’s Day! Many of you know I have been on a long journey of health and wellness losing over 90 pounds in a little less than two years. It is a bit harder now to lose every pound, even every half pound. So I was looking for something to help keep me on track. The Fitbit has done that and so much more.

It is a watch to start with. I have the Fitbit Charge HR so this one monitors my heart rate continuously as well. It monitors my steps, including flights of stairs. It monitors when I exercise, how much uninterrupted sleep I am getting and how many calories I have burned. It syncs with an app on my phone where I can input my food intake and even ask the GPS to track my run, or in my case walk, and give me positive cues along the way.

I was so thrilled when I accompanied my two granddaughters on their field trip in Chicago the other day! After touring the Museum of Science and Industry, Navy Pier and China Town, I suddenly felt my Fitbit vibrating with congratulations of reaching five miles. By the time the day was over I had reached over 13,000 steps, 9 flights of stairs and burned over 2300 calories! Oh to run the streets of Chicago everyday.

The are different reviews about whether the Fitbit is scientifically helpful in losing weight. It is known that exercise is the least helpful in losing weight, controlling food intake is the most helpful in losing weight. That being said, exercise is helpful. For me it puts me in a state of mindfulness and for me that is extremely important. For the most part, any diet plan will work if you work it. So keeping mindful of my health and wellness is paramount in my plan to continue the journey towards being as healthy as can be!


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