Time is to me, what it cannot be

time escapes me, can’t you see.

Time in a bottle, in a ship sunk at sea.

is not time at all, but an illusion to me.


Time in a photograph has long passed by.

Time is stored in a stranger’s eyes.

Time weathers brows, wrinkles skin and grays hair,

But time isn’t really there, anywhere.


Time supersedes the eons of light.

The light of a star isn’t there, anywhere.

Time can’t be measured in a synapse of space.

Time can’t be reigned, it outruns the race.


Time is a healer of pain so the say,

but the scars of the pain remain set in place.

The creases of man’s soul are not privy to thee.

Time does not heal, it obscures reality.


Time has no dominion over me.

I refuse to release my will unto thee.

The clouds race with time, race with destiny.

Billowy veils of what man cannot see.


The path of a man ends so soon, left undone

to be pursued by an unwitting son.

But time is a fallacy and man will have won

the right to live on when his time here is done.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Beverly Trujillo says:

    Time has no boundaries when he’s here with me….


  2. Mary Wilton says:

    Love this website.


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