Steak & Eggs

Look at these amazing ribeye steaks! And thank you to Paul Andrew for my Christmas present of Chicago Cutlery!


What do you do when you have left over steak? Well Pastor Paul fared well with a beautiful steak and egg breakfast flanked by fresh tomatoes and fresh peppers! Believe it or not this is just what the doctor ordered! Pastor needs to get his cholesterol and triglycerides down and when in doubt eat steak and eggs! Limit the carbs!

Just reheat, add fresh ground pepper and the steak is as amazing as ever. Oh and what is the secret ingredient? Coffee of course! Pastor Paul’s own steak recipe is in our recipe book. 

I on the other hand went for steak fajita! Yum!!!




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  1. halleluyahfire says:

    Yummy! Praise Jesus! Love you🌹💜 always praying..always thankful..always walking by faith!! Amen Beloved Be Reminded.. John14:1-4


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