The Kindness of a Stranger

Kindness is a powerful force. We teach it to our children from early on. I was amazed when I saw my son turn a playful slap from his 18 month old daughter into a “gentle touch”. ¬†We are programmed to be kind, so what happens on those moments when we “snap” at one another? Are we hurried, tired, hormone laden or simply overloaded?

I remember going into a store in Kentucky not long after we had moved there with three small, rambunctious little boys. Just getting them across the parking lot and into the shopping cart was a chore! One of the boys started fussing and a stranger came up to us. I put up my mom guard not knowing how this conversation was going to go.

The older mom, very knowingly and in a calm sweet voice started bragging on how good looking a young man I had there. Those kind words brought so much relief to me and brought a smile to a tearful little face. It is amazing what a powerful force kindness can be.

I have seen kind words break through icy walls of years of hurt. I have seen kind words reset a person’s stressful day. I have seen kind words soften some heavy blows of life. I have seen kind words reach across to unreachable social norms. Really and truly kindness is a powerful force. Try some kindness today!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. mmog1010 says:

    True words. Kindness is contagious , though sometimes difficult to get the engine going. We can all make a difference in someone’s day, and perhaps their life with a much-needed kind word


  2. Celia Jose cubanos says:

    Can you advise on a prayer for the mentally ill that has not much faith or can become delusional


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