All salt is not created equal

Salt is an amazing cube shaped, crystalline mineral. Take an unstable metal… sodium and put it with a poisonous gas… chlorine and you have an essential, life-sustaining ingredient. Think on that a moment. Dr. Axe  has good health information on salt.

Salt was so valuable throughout the ages that it has been a bargaining coin in wars throughout history, including the Civil War. A ritual of “salting the earth” was a tactic used when a city was conquered including the biblical account of Shechem, Carthage, and Pope Boniface the VIII ordering the salting of Palestrina. Spain would salt a traitor’s land. Who knew salt was such a valuable tool of the conquerors?

I was just wondering which was the best salt to use in cooking! So with a little bit of research I found that there is a plethora of salts and they do have different characteristics! I see a lot of experimentation with salts in my future!

Table Salt

  • highly refined
  • Anti-caking agents added
  • iodine added
  • msg added
  • aluminum derivatives added

Sea Salt

  • evaporated sea water
  • Coarse texture with a flavor burst
  • Contains up to 60 trace minerals depending on the source
  • May contain heavy metals from pollutants

Kosher Salt

  • Large flakes useful for extracting the blood from meats which is forbidden to eat by the Jews
  • Large plate like shape or hollow pyramidal shape

Celtic Salt

  • From seawater
  • Course texture with flavor burst
  • Grey in color
  • Trace minerals found

Alaea Salt or Hawaiian Salt

  • From seawater
  • Pink to brown color comes from the trace minerals from the red alaea volcanic clay
  • Be careful, many made in California and not the true Hawaiian salt

Fleur de sel- “Flower of salt”

  • Harvested by hand from salt marshes when sunny and dry with a slow and steady wind that provides the perfect conditions for the salt to “bloom”
  • Harvested off the coast of Brittany from the town of Guérande
  • Historically harvested by women because it was thought to be so delicate it was best harvested by the “delicate of sexes”
  • Fine and delicate flavor
  • Used as a finishing salt

Maldon Salt

  • English sea salt – hand harvested in Essex, England in the town of Maldon
  • Large, thin, crunchy salt flakes
  • Used as a finishing salt

Smoked Salt

  • Sea salt that is cold smoked over hardwoods
  • I have seen that this is another whole plethora of flavors to try

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt – Heidi’s favorite

  • Course texture with flavor burst
  • mined from Khewra Salt Mine
  • trace amounts of iron oxide give it the pink color
  • 84 trace minerals found naturally






4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jackie Fischer says:

    Dear Heidi,
    Reading your BegleyHouse blog today all about salt, I wanted to tell you my favorite salt – called Australian Lake Salt. It is described as pure and natural and has mild and gentle flavor. I purchased some in the market in downtown Cincinnati. The salt facts were so interesting, thank you.
    Jackie Fischer


    1. Begley House says:

      Ah, very interesting I will have to look it up!
      Thank you Jackie


  2. FarOutWatchTower says:

    Hi Heidi, we were listening to the Hagmann’s and hear Dr. Ted Broer say how he used only REAL SALT…a brand name…he said it was the place this salt comes from and has great articles up on his website. Here is that website for you: We listen often and love you all!


    1. Begley House says:

      Thank you so much for the link! I will check it out.

      Liked by 1 person

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